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« She blessed her, » Samuel said, flashing Christine a warm smile. « It means Hekatê’s magic will now protect her and strengthen her, » he said, his eyes peered over Christine’s right shoulder. « This one however, » removing his hands from her body, slicing open the pad of his right index finger allowing the blood to pool in the palm of his left hand, « is to ensure this illness will never again plague your daughter, » Samuel said, drawing a sigil on Christine’s forehead. Placing the palm of his right hand over it. A blinding white light flooded the room as Samuel chanted the incantation in his head. Rising from his kneeling position as Christine’s parents rushed to her side. Drinking his own blood so no one could use it to either turn themselves or to form a spell against him. Licking his hand clean, peering down through his fingers as they cooed and fawned over their daughter. « Samuel, » Lola said, her tongue curled out, her lips curved into an alluring smile as she rose from her seat. Two of her fingers closed around the Kleenex her cousin held out for her as she passed. Her hips swayed; her body heated as those glowing eyes fell on her. Her soft delicate touch ran along the back of Samuel’s left hand as she took it into hers, gently running the Kleenex along his palm, her brown eyes gazed into his; wondering if he knew how much she appreciated what he did for Christine. « There. Clean as a whistle, » Lola cooed, the pads of her fingers skimming along Samuel’s palm. Allowing him to feel how her magic felt along his body; hoping to feel his touching every part of her body very soon. With that, their meeting slowly drew to a close within two hours of Samuel arriving at Lola’s estate, once it was agreed upon that her entire family would be arriving just before twilight at Marie’s home. While the children would be there, they would be off in another room, supervised by one of the teenagers. Nevertheless, they too would be joining the ranks of his family. Slowly Samuel watched as Lola’s family left the room leaving him alone with Marie and Lola. He didn’t need supernatural gifts to know what was on their minds. « Shall we retire to my private chambers? » Lola asked, her lust underlying her words as she looked at her cousin. Watching how Marie sauntered up behind Samuel’s back, how she pressed her body against his. Lola could only assume Marie’s hands were caressing that ass of his. « Mmm, I don’t know Lola, » Marie cooed, resting her chin on Samuel’s right shoulder. « Do you think Samuel can handle the both of us? » Her voice dripped with sin as her hot breath drifted along his ear. Sensuously biting her lip, her right hand snaked out around him. She knew if Samuel wanted to he could easily push her way. Her eyes glanced at his as her hand slipped below his waistband. Her lips plucked along his jaw as her hand wrapped around his soft cock. Her gaze flickered to her right as Lola approached. Her left hand reached out, running along Lola’s stomach, up her chest before it cradling Lola’s 32C breasts as her 36DDD orbs rubbed along his back. « Don’t you think it would be wise for the two soon-to-be high priestesses of our respective families… » Lola’s hands ran up Samuel’s chest, lightly biting her lip as Marie’s thumb teased her hardening nipple. « Don’t you think it would be wise for us to be trained under these strong hands of her Herald? » Lola asked, as she took hold of his hands. Bringing them up pressing them against her breasts once Marie removed her hand. A soft whimper escaped her lips as his magic burned along her skin through the fabric of her dress. A red mist swirled within her pupils as her own magic rose unable to deny the call of Samuel’s. « Well Samuel? Are the two priestesses of your growing sect worthy enough to feel… this magic of yours? » she asked, her voice shuddering as she felt magic so pure, so overwhelming, so sexual flooding into her body; it made what she felt at that ritual feel like nothing more than a wet dream. « Come Samuel, » Marie cooed, her nose brushing along his jaw, feeling her breasts pancaking out as she held Samuel closer. « I haven’t felt the touch of this deep within my pussy for too many days. » She pouted as his rod grew in her hand. « I need to feel this hard cock surging through my cunt as you fuck me with your enhanced strength. I want to feel those fangs of yours dancing along my pussy as that tongue teases my hot, tight, wet peach, » Marie said, her thumb kneading the head of his cock. Feeling her juices starting to awaken as the heat of his erection soaked into the palm of her hand. « You can’t forget about me Samuel, » Lola said, lifting up the hem of her dress guiding his hand to cover her matching thong covered mound, allowing Samuel to feel the heat that he had awakened in her. Feeling her muscles trembling as the pad of his middle finger gently parted her aching labia as his index finger held her thong to the side. « Come, » she hissed low, knowing this wasn’t the place to be doing this. Shooting Marie a coy smile as they pulled Samuel towards the secret doorway that one of the former owners installed when the house was used as a base for the Underground Railroad. The hidden door closed in a soft kiss removing their presence in the house from curious eyes. « Mmm, » Lola purred as Marie thrust Samuel’s face into her covered ass as she bent slightly standing three steps higher than either of them. Rubbing her mound up and down his face so that nose of his could smell her womanhood to his heart’s content. Gasping loudly as she felt the light nibbling of his teeth on her hard bud. « Naughty boy, » she cooed as she peered over her shoulder, « just what am I to do with such a naughty man, hmm?! » « Oh, I can think of a few equally naughty things we can do to him cousin, » Marie said, smirking wickedly at Lola. « After all it isn’t fair to us that he’s so… attractive, » she whispered, her lips captured Samuel’s right earlobe giving it a gentle tug. « Agreed cousin, » Lola nodded, before continuing their climb. Pulling Samuel into her room once they reached the top of that hidden stairway. Watching Marie closing the door while she locked the main bedroom door. Licking her upper lip as Marie passionately kissed Samuel. Her eyes dipped low as her hand rubbed along Samuel’s bulge. Slipping out of her shoes silently, stealthily moving to Samuel’s right side. Her fingers gently turned his chin towards her, her lips teased his before embracing their soft velvety touch. Glancing out of the corner of her eye as Marie sank down Samuel’s body. Listening to Marie’s hands working on Samuel’s pants. Her right hand ran down his chest as the sound of his pants falling to the floor rang in her ears. Her fingers ran along Samuel’s hard cock as she held it aloft for Marie. A twitch appeared on her right cheek as Marie batted her hand away. Her cheeks heated when Samuel wore a smirk as her lips pulled away from his. Her brown eyes gazed up at him as she sank to her knees. Watching her cousin rock on Samuel’s cock. Biting her lip noting how Marie’s lips wrapped around his stiff rod. Noting the hunger she saw in Marie’s emerald eyes as his mushroom top left her lips. Fidgeting beside Marie when she was hogging Samuel’s cock as his shirt rose along his chest. Arching an eyebrow as he reached down, running the tip of his finger along the meatus of his crown. Perplexed as he drew a sigil just below his navel. However, once his cock was unoccupied Lola pounced. Batting away Marie’s hand like she did with hers as her tongue swirled around the head of his rod. Her eyes watching his face as she sank further down the length of his pole. « Samuel? What did you do? » Marie asked, watching that rune glow in a deep red color. « Oh… just something that will allow me to remain hard, » Samuel said, peering down at her. His eyes darted to Lola as she grew still on his cock. Feeling his muscles ripple as she slowly eased off his phallus. « What does that mean Samuel? That it will allow you to remain hard?! » Lola asked, her hand leisurely stroking his slick cock. « It means… » His fingers curled into fists, feeling his nails pressing hard against the palm of his hands as her thumb kneaded his sensitive head. « No matter how much I cum I won’t soften until I end the spell. » « I see, » Lola cooed, a wicked grin spread across her lips as she peered up at Samuel. « Then I want you to cum all over my… » Stopping herself when Marie’s hands were working along the buttons of her red blouse. « Our, » she corrected herself, « tits. This big, hard, delicious cock can do that, yes? » Lola asked, her voice was laced with her sexual desire. Her eyes zeroing in on his head as it swelled in response. Glancing out of the corner of her eye as Marie tossed her shirt and bra off to the side. Allowing her to take over while she too removed the cloth barrier that kept her from feeling his hot cum splattering all over her chest. « Samuel, » Lola purred as she rose. Drawing his gaze to her as Marie slurped on his cock. « Do you like what you see? » she asked, her hands pushing the straps of her dress from her shoulders. Allowing the soft material to cascade down her body, pooling around her feet as she stood bare chested in front of him. Her brown eyes shimmered in her need as her hands ran down her chest, lifting, cradling, and fondling her breasts, feeling her thong soaking up the honeydew that dripped from her hungry peach. Her body heating as his glowing eyes followed after her hands as her hands hooked around the waistband of her underwear. Peering over her left shoulder as she turned around, she wanted him to watch, bending over, sucking in a breath as the fabric pulled away from her throbbing mound. Hoping that Samuel liked the view of her hot pussy as her thong fell to the floor. « Well? » Her tone was light, yet full of yearning. « Mmm, that is a yummy looking thing you have there, » Samuel said, his eyes shimmering in the magic that was steadily rising within the room. « I can’t wait to taste it. » Reaching out, running his tongue over his right fang as his fingers danced along her moist labia. Listening to the intake of breath when two of his fingers slid inside that hot, wet, tight cunt of hers. Samuel chuckled softly as Lola pouted as he removed his fingers, when it appeared to him that she wanted those fingers of his deep inside that pussy of hers. « In due time, » Samuel thought to himself. Using Lola’s juices to draw two more sigils beside the first one; a necessity, if they wanted the amount of cum they were demanding. « What are you doing?! » Lola asked, intrigued, and slightly annoyed that all she has felt was a minute finger fuck. « You’ll see. » Was all Samuel would say as he wore a coy smirk. « You’d better be tasting this pussy of mine later, » Lola huffed and pouted causing her breasts to bounced. « Of course, I just needed your juice, » Samuel said, wiggling his eyebrows. Looking down as Marie’s lips slid off his cock. « Samuel? » Marie’s eyes gazed hungrily up at him. Passing his cock off to Lola as her salvia dripped onto Lola’s floor. « Hmm? » Watching how Lola’s cheeks sucked in as she glided along his rod. « Will you use that spell you used on Ines? » Marie asked, her right hand ran up Samuel’s left thigh, while her left cradled his balls. « The one that made her cum so much? » Her voice but a whisper. « Sure, » Samuel nodded, not telling her he was already planning on doing just that. « Shit! » he hissed as he felt his balls churning. « Do it Samuel, » Marie and Lola said in unison their hands stroking him off as they pressed their breasts against each other’s to maximize the coverage. Their tongues flickered out, each catching a rope of his magic-infused semen while the rest painted their orbs. Lola wasted no time sucking Samuel’s cock clean while Marie feasted on her cum covered breasts. « Now for desert! » Lola said, with devilish glee, before knocking Marie to the floor. Her eyes fluttered as her tongue ran through those globs of hot cum. Feeling his magic burning through her body as it settled in her stomach. « Ladies, I do hope that isn’t all you were wanting, » Samuel said, a sly smirk rose along his lips as they turned their heads toward him gesturing to the bed. « You need to taste me first since you’ve already fucked Marie, » Lola said, crawling along her king size bed allowing Samuel to picture what it would be like while he was taking her from behind. « Now come Herald, » her index finger beckoned to him as she turned to face him. « This pussy needs and wants to feel your tongue in it, » she said, laying on her back, spreading her legs wide, running her fingers along her wet cunt; parting her lips to show Samuel how eager it was as her juices leaked out of her canal. Gooseflesh ran along her skin as she felt his fingers dancing along her thighs. Her eyes flickered over to Marie as she watched her cousin wiggling out of her skirt. Watching those heavy hanging breasts of hers swaying as she crawled towards her left side. « Samuel? You best not forget about me, » Marie said, teasingly. « Wouldn’t dream of it, » Samuel said, watching how their eyes fluttered as his fingers ran along their slits. Gathering their dew on the pads of his fingers. Two pairs of eyes watched on as he drew the sigil in their own juices. « Be warned this will be intense. » « Oh fuck! » Lola howled. Her head pressed against her bed as her back arched away from it. « Damn! Yes, do it again! » Marie begged as her womb quaked once Samuel’s spell hit the both of them. « Mmm, yes, may I have another? » Lola asked, with a satisfied grin. « Go on, eat her, but you best save some of that tongue work for me, » Marie purred, « because I still want to feel those fangs along my hot pussy. » Wrapping her arms around Samuel’s neck, her lips embraced his in a passionate kiss. Her hips rocked on his fingers as they danced inside of her cunt. Euphoria burned through her veins as she fondled her breasts as Samuel lowered himself to Lola’s waiting pussy. « That’s it Samuel, taste that Creole pussy make it… purr… Fuck! » Lola whimpered as Samuel’s spell fired off another orgasm as he gently sucked on her clit. « I did tell you, » Samuel said, peering over Lola’s mound. « It would be intense. » « I don’t care, I want more! » Lola growled. « Yes Samuel, I’m going to cum! » Marie yelled. Feeling her orgasmic juices leaking out around Samuel’s fingers as she rode out her climax, crumbling beside Lola. Smiling at her cousin as Lola wore a serene look. Their breathing increased as Samuel worked his tongue in time with his fingers getting them both off at the same time. « God, » Lola said, breathlessly. « I didn’t think it would feel this good cousin. » « Hey, » Marie’s head turned to the right once Lola’s nipple left her lips, « I would never lie to you about this, » Marie said, before returning Lola’s breast to her mouth. Squealing around it as she came again. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as Samuel’s thumb rolled along her clit. « Mmm, yes get that tongue in that pussy! » Lola moaned as Samuel’s tongue curled inside her hot canal. Her body quaked as she felt Samuel lapping up her juices. « I think that little pussy has had enough, but mine yearns for a good tongue lashing, » Marie said, smiling seductively at him, lifting her left leg to show Samuel just how wet he made her cunt. Samuel wondered if she got that phrase from his sister. Since that was Kelly’s way of saying she wanted and needed her pussy eaten. As he started to move out from between Lola’s legs, her thighs clamped around him, arching an eyebrow at that impious look on her face. « Nah-uh-uh, » Lola said, in a tsk-tsk voice. « I couldn’t very well allow that hard cock to go to waste as you’re eating out my cousin. So why don’t you lay down and I’ll ride that hard cock, » she said in a wanton purr. Her tongue pressed against her cupid’s bow as she watched how his pre-cum dripped onto her bed; oh, the things she could think to do with a cock that never softened until the spell was ended. « Mmm, yes, I so want to ride this face, » Marie purred, her fingers dancing along Samuel’s right cheek. Hoping that after Labo and everything else Samuel would still want to be with her. She herself wasn’t one for threesomes, yet it seemed that it was needed to bring Lola into the fold. She had no idea how Charlotte and Kelly kept from fighting over Samuel. She also knew now that he had become a vampire – well half – Samuel was, and is, going to be a force to be reckoned with. She knew how wet he could make any female with just a simple gesture. She and Lola had experienced such a thing after the ritual to undo the hex on Joan. Marie knew they had to keep him out from public eye just so they themselves could keep Samuel’s attention squarely on them. Her hand ran along Samuel’s chest as he laid across the foot of the bed. Swinging her leg over his head so he could view her hot cunt to his delight before it smothered that mouth of his. Her body shivered as Samuel ran his tongue along her labia as she lowered herself onto his lips. « That’s it Samuel, let me cum for you, » Marie said, breathlessly. Sucking on her lower lip, her nails dragging along his chest, her hair cascading out before her as she rocked her hips along his lips. « Such a waste to leave this unattended, » Lola cooed as she knelt at Samuel’s side. Her tongue swirled around his head coating it in his pre-cum before swallowing his pole. Pressing his cock against her pussy, running her saturated labia along that hard shaft allowing them to feel the cock they were going to be wrapped around for as long as she could stand it. Noticing the rune on Marie’s stomach still burning brightly on her skin as Marie silently held back her scream of orgasmic bliss. « God, that’s a hard cock, » Lola hissed as she sank down his pole. « Oh?! » Marie cooed as she flashed her cousin a coy smirk. « If you like, I’d be more than happy to switch places with you, » she teased. « Not on your life, » Lola said, defiantly shaking her head. « Now come here and give your cousin a kiss, » she commanded, leaning forward, her and Marie’s tongues swirled around each other’s as her hips plunged down on Samuel’s rod. Their hands fondled each other’s breasts as Samuel’s magic flared. Losing themselves in that hurricane whirlwind of sexual magic that rushed through their bodies. For twenty minutes the only things that could be heard in that room was the smacking of lips; lewd lustful moans; and Lola’s sex as Samuel hammered his cock deep into her womanhood. Her mind went blank, her body convulsed as Samuel’s hot seed flooded her womb. Samuel’s cum squirted out of her cunt as she lay exhausted on her side. Her body weak, her mind numb, her pussy throbbing in satisfaction from the numerous orgasms she’d had from riding that cock of his. Marie wasted no time crawling down Samuel’s body to take the place her cousin had vacated. Sucking Samuel’s cock clean so that only her juices would mar his hot phallus as she came upon that hard pole. Peering over her shoulder as she lined up the head of his rod with her paradise. Releasing a soft moan as Samuel squeezed her ass cheeks, pulling them apart so he could watch as she inched down his hard root. Resting her hands between his legs as her hips sent that cock of his deep into her cunt. Tossing her head back as she silently screamed as her womb sent a torrent of her hot cream down her canal coating that thick branch. Feeling how her juices were running down his cock as she fucked Samuel as the minutes wore on. Pressing her back against Samuel’s chest as he sat up. Breathing heavily into his ear as she slowly rolled her hips against his while his hands toyed with her breasts. Switching positions, laying on her back, her hands held onto her ankles bringing them as close to her chest as she could as Samuel pounded her into Lola’s bed. Locking her legs around Samuel’s waist as soon as she felt the swelling of his root. His magic flaring the moment the first rope of his cum jetted out from the tip of his cock.

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