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I immediately tried to defend myself to no avail with a few stutters and broken sentences. « Maybe you shouldn’t dress like a prostitute, » Corinne said in my defense. « Oh, I’m just messing with your cousin, » Rachel said as she walked away towards the bedroom. She stopped and turned back to make sure we were watching as she lifted up her skirt and bent over. « He can look at my panties any time! » « You’re such a slut, » Heather shouted as Rachel continued down the hall. We all laughed and I was very excited for the way the night was going. Rachel had an amazing little ass that looked great in her tiny pink thong. I felt like my chances of getting laid that night were pretty good. I looked over at Corinne as she half-heartedly apologized for her friends. We both just laughed and Heather announced she was going to change also. That left Corinne and me sitting alone in the living room. « I hope my friends aren’t making you uncomfortable, » she said as she turned towards me. « Not at all, » I replied. « I can’t say that I didn’t like Rachel flashing her ass at us. I never thought I would get to hang out with several hot, drunk girls while I was home on leave. » We were interrupted when Rachel came back in the room shouting at us, « Hey, cousins… Pajamas… Now! » As we stood up laughing at the situation, I admired the ensemble that Rachel chose to wear. Her nice size breasts were braless and her nipples were poking out against the thin tank top. I could see her belly button was pierced and she had thin, tight cotton gym shorts rolled down so low they barely covered her crotch. A string peaked out a little on each hip revealing she was still wearing the hot pink thong. « Need to borrow a bra? » Corinne asked. « No, do you sleep with a bra on? » Rachel asked in return. Corinne blushed a bit realizing I was standing there watching them tease back and forth. « Well, we aren’t exactly sleeping and my cousin is here. » « He’s not my cousin! » Rachel announced as she shook her breasts in my direction. « Don’t be such a prude! » Corinne shook her head and laughed as she left to go change. « Hope you sleep in the nude, » Rachel said to me as I turned to change. « Not unless you are, » I flirted back. « The night is still young, » she replied as she blew me a kiss. I went out to the car to get the pajamas I brought. I couldn’t believe my luck with this little party, and couldn’t wait to see what Heather and Corinne were changing into. I went into the bathroom and got undressed. The events of the night were having a noticeable affect on my cock. I contemplated coming out in only boxers since that is what I normally slept in. I decided I should probably wear the pajama pants and t-shirt I brought. My cock sticking straight out in a pair of boxers might be a little awkward in front of Corinne. When I came back out into the living room, Heather was sitting next to Rachel on the couch. Heather was wearing a loose fitted satin teddy with matching shorts. She was also not wearing a bra and her nipples we just visible through the material. The shorts were also loose fitting, and this gave me a glimpse of her lacy, white panties as she sat with her legs folded in. « I guess you were wrong about him sleeping in the nude, » Heather said to Rachel disappointed. « I told you I would if you were, » I replied. « OK, come on Heather, » Rachel replied as she stood up and started pulling down the front of her shorts enough to reveal her sheer pink panties. At first I didn’t say anything as she continued to pull down the shorts to her upper thighs. The sheer material made her shaved pussy completely visible. Heather just stared at her with shock as I enjoyed the view. As I felt my cock press out against my boxers I realized my cousin may walk in at any minute. Although I wanted to take this further, I said to the girls, « It might be a little awkward for Corinne if she walks in and sees her cousin and friends sitting naked together. » With that, Rachel pulled up her shorts and sat back down. « You’re loss, » Rachel said. « Besides, she could probably use a little sex education before she loses her « V » card. » « Before who loses her « V » card? » Corinne asked as she walked into the room. « What are you guys talking about? » Rachel tried to change the subject and act like she was talking about Sara as Corinne sat down. I didn’t really hear all that she was saying as I was zoned out, focusing on what Corinne had on. Corinne was wearing the exact pajamas I saw her in when I walked out of her bathroom with her panties stuck in my boxers. However, she was wearing a bra this time and it looked to be the one I found in her bathroom. My cock began to stir as the events of that night popped vividly into my mind. « Hello, Hello, Earth to Steven. Are you still with us? » Rachel yelled at me. « You’ve got two hot, single girls right over here and you are checking out your cousin! » Corinne immediately looked towards me as I shifted me eyes up to meet hers. I quickly turned towards Rachel as I my face turned red with embarrassment. « Don’t be embarrassed Steven, Corinne is hot, » Rachel said to me as she turned and looked Corinne up and down. « Why are you always trying to mess with people? » Corinne asked playfully. « Don’t let her make you uncomfortable. » I was intrigued by the response Corinne had to Rachel. She wasn’t upset and was being flirtatious right back. I laughed and told her I was fine. Heather got up and asked if anyone needed another drink. As we responded with a resounding « yes, » I think we all noticed how hard Heather’s nipples were as they poked straight out into her teddy. « Wow, heather! A little cold in here for you? » Corinne asked as she gestured towards her chest. « Whatever bitch! » Heather laughed. « I can’t help it. All of this conversation and Rachel dropping her shorts for your cousin has got me turned on. » « You did what? » Corinne asked Rachel. « Well Heather and I were going to get naked so Steven would get naked for us. You did ask us to show him a good time, » Rachel replied. « Unfortunately, he thought it would be too weird getting naked with you here. » Corinne looked over at me and all I could do was shrug with a big grin on my face. Heather walked back and forth proudly pushing out her chest and handed us our drinks. After she gave a drink to Rachel and turned around, Rachel slapped her on the ass. Heather bent at the waist sticking her ass out and said, « Thank you ma’am! May I have another? » Rachel delivered another smack on the butt. It was a little harder than the first. I think Heather was even a little surprised as she jumped at the shock. « Crap Rachel! » Heather yelled. « That probably left a mark! » We all watched as Heather pulled down her satin shorts and revealed her white lace panties and large red handprint on her left cheek. Heather let out a fake whimper and Rachel leaned in and kissed the red handprint on her ass. Heather went back to the bar and grabbed the last drink for Corinne. After she handed it to her, Heather rubbed two fingers over Corinne’s right nipple. « It looks like I’m not the only one aroused, » Heather teased. « You are just hiding it with that bra. You are right Rachel, Corinne is a prude. » « What is with you two wanting me to lose the bra? » Corinne asked. « Fine, turn around Steven. Apparently me wearing this is really bothering these two. And I’m not a prude! » I turned my head to the side and watch Corinne in the reflection of the window. She lifted her pajama top over her head slowly. She then undid the back of her bra and slid it off her shoulders. I could clearly see her two amazing breasts in the reflection. She was in fact very aroused judging by her nipples. I saw the bra fly out of the corner of my eye as she hurled towards Heather. This caused me to turn towards her as she started pulling her top back over her head. « Your cousin totally just checked out your tits, » Rachel told Corinne. « I told you to look away, » Corinne said in a half serious tone. « I did, but then something came flying past my head and I looked over, » I replied trying to defend my actions. « Well, I have my top on now, so it’s all clear, » Corinne laughed. I looked over to address her and my eyes immediately noticed her fully erect nipples pushing out against her top. I was starting to feel a little braver with my cousin and commented, « It looks like Heather was right that she isn’t the only one aroused. » Corinne blushed and looked down at my crotch saying, « You are one to talk there, boner man. » I covered my growing erection with my hand as we all laughed. « So, Steven, are you a breast man? » Rachel asked. « I’m not sure what guy isn’t, » I replied. She lifted her shirt up over her head revealing two well-shaped breasts with large areolas and erect nipples. « Do you like large ones like mine or smaller ones like Heather’s? » she asked as she reached over to lift Heather’s teddy. Heather didn’t resist, but immediately pulled the teddy over her head. She had much smaller breasts. They were probably a B cup and very perky. She had smaller light pink areolas and eraser sized nipples. They were still quite beautiful. I couldn’t believe I was staring at these hot, half naked women. « So, which is it? » Heather asked. « You both have really nice breasts, » I said as I took in the view. « I don’t think I would complain about either of you. Maybe something in the middle? » I tried to give an answer without offended one or the other on their size. « You mean like Corinne’s? » Rachel asked. « Um, yeah I guess. I mean if they are a size in between yours, » I replied, as if I had never seen my cousin’s bare breasts before. « Well how is he going to know what he likes if you don’t show him? Come on Corinne, let your cousin see what you’ve got. » Heather demanded. Corinne resisted the request and I acted as if I didn’t want to see her take off her top. Rachel and Heather continued to tease her. Corinne playfully refused until Heather said, « No wonder you are still a virgin if you won’t even show a guy your tits! » « I’m not a virgin! » Corinne replied. « Oh yeah, then who was the lucky guy? » Rachel asked chiming in. « It wasn’t a guy, » Corinne stated. We all looked at her with shock. « No, it wasn’t a girl either! » she said. « I have a dildo. » Heather and Rachel both busted out laughing informing her that sex with a toy does not count for losing your virginity. I turned towards Corinne and told her not to let them pressure you into something. « Screw you two sluts! » Corinne yelled at them in a more annoyed tone. I thought that was going to end the evening as Corinne stood up, but was shocked, as were we all, when she grabbed the hem of her pajama top and lifted it straight over her head. The view I had the other night while she was sleeping, and a moment ago in the reflection didn’t do her any justice. Corinne had a pair of beautiful, firm breasts straight out of the pages of a magazine. They were a perfect combination of the other two girls. They were larger than Heather’s without the slight sag that Rachel’s had. Her areolas weren’t two large and her nipples begged to be taken between my lips. I knew I was staring at my cousin’s youthful breasts, and I didn’t care. She stood there proudly displaying them to the three of us. « Nice! » commented Rachel. « Now is that what you prefer Steven? » Corinne looked at me for my response. I wasn’t sure how to answer the question in front of her. Boldly, I stated, « Yeah, those are pretty perfect! » Corinne blushed a little and said, « Well Steven, you’re the only one left with a shirt on. » Rachel and Heather both started chanting, « Take it off! Take it off! » After I hesitated for a moment to build the drama, Corinne even started chanting with them. I didn’t really think about what was going on in my pants before I stood up to remove my shirt. I stood there proudly displaying my upper body, which had improved dramatically over the years since that day at the pool with Corinne. As I looked to judge their reaction, I realized they were all staring at the rather large bulge in the front of my pajama pants. Corinne was also staring. « Looks like someone is a little turned on himself, » commented Heather. « Wonder if it’s because of us or Corinne? » Rachel asked. Corinne immediately looked away from my crotch and glared at Rachel. I sat back down and again tried to conceal my erection. « Don’t hide that beautiful thing, » Heather said as she continued to stare at my crotch. « We aren’t covering ourselves up. » Never missing a moment to make others uncomfortable, Rachel asked, « So Corinne, back to this virginity thing, how far have you gone with a guy? Hand job? Blow Job? Have you ever seen a real cock before? Have you let a guy see you naked? » Corinne just replied, « No. » « No to which one? » Rachel asked. « No, to all of it, » Corinne replied. « I mean I could have, I am just nervous because I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to do it wrong. So, I never let any guy get far enough to find out. » « Well you just showed your cousin your tits, so I think it’s only fair that Steven show us what’s trying to break its way out of his pants, » Rachel insisted. Corinne didn’t protest as I looked into her eyes. I think she really wanted to see me naked even if she wasn’t going to admit it. I wasn’t opposed to losing my pants but I figured I should at least see if I could get the girls to lose theirs. « Ok, I’ll lose my pajamas and boxers on one condition, » I announced. « Heather and Rachel have to get completely naked too. » Corinne just sat there looking at the three of us like someone at a strip club anxiously awaiting the dancer to remove the next item of clothing. Without hesitation, Rachel stood up and pulled down her shorts and panties revealing her clean-shaven pussy to the rest of us. She pushed them to the floor and kicked them off in Corinne’s direction. She then did a little spin giving us a full tour of her body. I could just see two dark lips peeking out between her outer labia. She really did have a great ass. Rachel reached over and pulled Heather to her feet. Heather stood there as Rachel slowly pulled down her satin shorts to the ground. Then Rachel grasped the outer band of her panties and slowly slid them down revealing a small patch of hair just above Heather’s otherwise shaved pussy. As Rachel stood back up she ran her hand up the inside of Heather’s leg and brushed her fingers over her pussy. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I looked over at Corinne and saw her checking the other two out. Rachel sat back down on the edge of the couch resting her elbows on her knees with legs spread apart for all to see. « OK, let’s see it then, » Rachel said as she leaned in towards me. I stood up and noticed all three girls staring once again at my crotch. I hooked my thumbs inside of my pants and slowly lowered them to the floor. I paused while they stared at my fully erect cock pushing out against my boxer briefs. I then focused on Corinne’s face as I slowly lowered the front of my boxers enough to expose the tip. Her mouth opened slightly as I pushed them down the length of my shaft. I looked down at her amazing breasts as I pushed the boxers down over my balls and let them drop to the floor. All eight inches of me was proudly standing at attention for the girls to see. I turned to face each of them including my cousin, as if presenting myself for inspection. « There you go Corinne! One step closer, » announced Rachel. « Now you can say you’ve seen a real penis before. No one needs to know it was your cousin’s. » Corinne was fixated on my cock. I flexed it a bit causing it to bounce as she stared at it. It caught her by surprise and she jumped back a bit. I felt a little weird standing there, so I sat back down on the chair next to the one Corinne was in. My topless cousin was only a foot or so away from my fully erect cock. « So, step two, » Rachel interrupted as Corinne kept glancing down at my cock. « Do you want to touch it? » « I do! » shouted Heather as she stood up and walked over to me. « You’ve touched a dick before, » Rachel said. » « Yeah, but not this big, » replied Heather as she leaned over and softly grasped my shaft. She slowly slid her hand up and down the length a few time as Corinne studied her movements. She rubbed her thumb over the tip and then slid her hand down to cup my balls. « Very nice, » Heather commented. Rachel came over and did the same. In order to not be outdone, she licked her palm for lubrication. « Why did you do that? » Corinne inquired. « No guy wants to be dry rubbed. It gives you a little lubrication, » Rachel replied. She slid her hand up and down several times and it felt amazing. I just lay back in the chair and enjoyed it. « Ok, your turn, » Rachel said turning towards Corinne. Corinne turned and looked me in the eyes. Her eyes looked back at my cock for a second, then back up at me before asking, « Is it ok if I touch it? » I didn’t say a word, but nodded that it was ok. She stood up and stepped over to me. I just stared at her beautiful face as she looked at mine. My eyes then wondered down to her amazing breasts as she inched closer. She slowly stepped between my legs and reached down towards my cock. My eyes were now focused on her hand that was only an inch away from the tip. She reached out with her index finger and softly swirled it around the head. I thought I might explode right there. I couldn’t believe my beautiful, topless, young cousin just touched my cock. She paused for a moment before softly wrapping her entire hand around its shaft. I let out a soft moan and she looked back into my eyes. I nodded my approval and she slowly slid her hand up and down the shaft. As she did this I glanced over at her tight pajama shorts. I noticed a growing wet spot between her legs. The sight of this made me even harder, which I didn’t think was possible. As I was noticing this, Corinne stopped and said, « Oh, it felt like it just got bigger in my hand. Does that mean I’m doing it right? » She suddenly pulled her hand away. « Sorry, I forgot the lubrication, » she said as she licked her hand like Rachel had just done. She returned her had, and unlike the quick groping the other two gave me, continued to stroke me for a good minute or so. I looked over and noticed Heather and Rachel softly fondling their pussies as they watched. « Am I doing it right? » She asked. « It feels amazing, » I said while trying to maintain my composure. « Ok, that’s enough, » Rachel said to my disappointment. « We don’t want your cousin cuming just yet. » Corinne stroked my cock a few more times before Rachel insisted she stop. Corinne sat back down staring at me. Rachel walked back over to me and stopped between my legs where Corinne was just standing. She looked down at me and asked, « So, how did your cousin do for her first time? » I told her it was excellent. She then looked down at Corinne’s crotch and pointed saying, « Looks like you are enjoying all of this quite a bit. » Corinne looked down and noticed the now large wet spot between her legs. She covered it with her hand saying, « Sorry, I can’t help it. It just really makes me horny seeing all of you naked and touching a penis for the first time. » Rachel just smiled and knelt down between my legs. Looking at Corinne she said, « Lesson three. » She then bent down and slid the tip of my cock into her mouth. I let out a soft moan as her tongue danced around the head of my penis. She lifted off and then ran her tongue up and down the shaft. Looking again at Corinne she instructed, « You don’t want to use teeth. You want to let it slide into your mouth and use your tongue. You also don’t want to suck on it hard. Let it slide in and out of your mouth. When you get good at it, you can let it go back into your throat. One this big will gag you though. »

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