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He started lightly, to avoid irritating her now sensitive clit, but got back up to the right intensity in fairly short order. When Sage was coming again, he was deeply happy that he had given her such pleasure. As she held Don there rubbing herself against his mouth, she exclaimed, « Holy fucking God fuck! Fuck! »

As she began to come down, Don thought she would need a moment to catch her breath, so he released her clit and withdrew his slippery fingers from her grasping pussy. He sat back on his heels with a happy grin.

But Sage wasn’t interested in catching her breath or taking a break. With sudden, surprising energy, she slipped off the end of her bed to straddle Don’s thighs and caught his head in her hands. She kissed him hungrily, with a passion that he found delightfully shocking. Her tongue pushed into his mouth, then licked at her wetness on his cheeks and face, and she was biting at his lips, tugging on them, as her left hand snaked down between them to grasp at his very hard cock. She kept kissing at Don’s face as she got his prick in just the right position and then promptly sank down upon it. They both groaned as their bodies finally came properly together.

With only the slightest moment to rock herself against the base of Don’s cock, Sage began to ride up and down on him. Her thighs flexed, pushing up, and then she sank down again, hard and fast, all while continuing to make out with Don. Her hands held onto his head and then wrapped around him as their bodies moved together, her breasts rubbing against his chest. Don was holding her ass tightly in his hands, helping to raise and lower her.

Sage bobbed up and down on him in a frenzy, working her body against him, rubbing her clit against the base of his cock with each violent impalement. Don could feel his cockhead battering her cervix. She let go of his head, and reached around to clasp his back, digging in with her nails. Her mouth moved down Don’s neck and then she bit his shoulder.

Don buried his face in her neck and mane of red hair. He’d never been fucked so intensely in his life. He just held on to this wild woman and did what he could to help her use his body. Sage was grunting animalistically and then crying out inarticulately as she suddenly clung tightly to Don, every inch of her clenching and spasming with the most intense orgasm he had ever felt a woman have. Before she stopped shaking Sage had wrapped her arms and legs around Don and was kissing his shoulder and neck. He was sure he felt tears on her face as she held him.

With one hand holding on to her ass and the other clasping the small of her back, Don pushed up, and was able to stand with surprising grace—in that he neither dropped Sage nor fell over. Carefully, he moved the short distance to the end of the bed and managed to kneel a little before lowering Sage and himself to the bed.

He raised up enough to look down into her face. Sure enough, her eyes were wet with tears.

« Are you alright? » he asked.

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