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Freelance Hurrah  Paris, Île-de-France, France 22 Juin 2018

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You are devastated that the Kappa emote doesn’t exist on Facebook or Twitter. You’re a forum super-sleuth, checking out every discussion on your favourite games, and sometimes even diving on Tumblr in search of some sweet fanart. Your top window in Steam is set to community and the only thing you love more than debating which Nintendo character would survive longest in a zombie apocalypse, is to engage and exchange on the forums about which artillery yields best on hilly terrain.

Hurrah is a Paris-based creative advertising agency focused on bringing mainstream brands into the esports arena, and we’re looking for a Community Manager specifically for English-speaking crowds. If gaming is your dream gig, but a lack of relevant roles sent you counting Facebook Likes elsewhere, you’re the player we’re looking for.


  1. Help engage gaming communities on their home platforms with smart creative, including Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube and Steam.
  2. Address our client communities with relevant and authentic messaging.
  3. Stay ahead of what’s new in gaming, esports and the surrounding industry.

In other words, you’re the eyes, ears and voice of the agency. Your most important mission? To ensure that everything we share across social is authentic to gamers like you and your friends.


A committed gamer who wants to turn that passion into a career. You have some agency or brand-side experience (a good internship will be considered, don’t worry), and ideally you’ll have worked on international accounts. You’re a native-level English speaker with almost magical writing skills, and you love engaging with people in the community. Knowing French or other languages is a plus.

You live on Twitter, follow all the relevant sites about social media, and love the idea of addressing hardcore gamers with ideas that you know will kick ass.


  • Salary: Experience- and skills-based
  • Type of job: Full-time freelance or for a short-duration contract (initially six months). A full-time contract can be discussed when this contract expires.
  • Location: Paris 19e (Belleville)


Send your English resume, social links, example work, and info about what games you like to [email protected] (subject: Hurrah for Community Management! — Your Name Here). Include a quick email about why we should pick you. (None of that “Dear Madam or Sir” stuff.)



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