Senior Community Manager

CDI Social Point  Barcelona, Catalunya, Espagne 27 Juin 2017

Emploi culturel : description de l’entreprise et de ses activités

How to describe us? Well it’s hard to describe Social Point in a few words.

A picture is worth a thousand words. In this case a video is even better:

We are looking for an experienced Community Manager  to join our Headquarters in sunny Barcelona (Spain).

We're counting on you to create, grow and lead the community's presence on a new and exciting title that we have in development.

As our Community Manager, you will have a unique opportunity to have a high impact on the game by creating the community, organising events for the fans and being the conduit that channels player feedback directly to the developers. You will be the voice of the customer for this game, guiding its development with feedback and suggestions from the players.

Your responsibilities as a include:

- Establishing and developing a community to create a presence for the game

- Set up the channels as well as manage and produce entertaining and engaging content for multiple channels (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Forums etc)

- Interact with the fans to obtain their feedback and to enhance their engagement with the game

- Build close relationships between Social Point and top influencers on various media (fans forums, unofficial FB pages etc), elite fans, and users so we can maintain a positive reputation, get relevant feedback and convey our messages to all available social media channels

- Create engagement opportunities at in-person and online events

- Provide regular and actionable feedback to teams on the community's sentiment, concerns and suggestions for improvement

- Track and analyse player conversations and trends for unique engagement or content opportunities

- Works with the team to create and maintain a VIP community to ensure regular feedback from this important user group

- Stay up-to-date with developments in Social Media and make recommendations on new community management tactics

- Analyse, report and present regularly on the ccommunity KPIs as well as your strategy and plans for enhancing and engaging the community to the wider teams

Moreover you will:

- Communicate a lot (internally and externally) - the role of a Community Manager is highly visible and a crucial communication role that links our teams directly with our player communities

- Prioritise - help the Teams to understand the most important feature or issue that the players are looking for that they should implement in the next version

- Make and maintain meaningful relationships with players from around the world - it will be your responsibility to build close relationships with top influencers, fans and users from around the world.

You have:

- At least 5 years of Management experience in the industry

- Excellent level English

- Good knowledge of Microsoft office (word, ppt, excel,..)

- Spanish or other languages are a plus

And also:

- You have a p roven ability to grow an and can highlight specific examples where you improved your product using feedback from your customers.

- In-depth understanding of the free to play environment

- Analytical and investigative skills to get to the bottom of customer comments, and to be able to follow up appropriately and prioritise request for the team

- Proven creative skills for coming up with new ideas for engaging with the community

- You are a problem solver, practical, proactive and smart

- You have excellent communication skills

- And of course, you are a gamer. Games are your first and your last thought everyday.

We offer:

  • Lots and lots of benefits (check out our website to have an idea)
  • a competitive salary
  • a nice office, super nice people to work and play with, three awesome parrots to chat with, etc.
  • a super special geographical localization: sunny Barcelona!



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