CV de Brigita Vaitasiute

Type d’emploi recherché : profil culturel
Emplacement : Paris Île-de-France, France

Contacter Brigita Vaitasiute


After first time I visited Paris I knew, that this is the city, where I want to create my future career, my life, my success. And here I am. I came from Lithuania, and just started to learn French language, and for the moment my knowledge is very poor. BUT, I am quick learner so I’m sure that in 4-6 months I will be able to communicate in this beautiful language. For now, I am looking for a vacancy in a companies witch are working with other countries. My English skills are fluent, also I know Russian, my native language is Lithuanian.

During 8 years experience I changed couple industries: entertainment, marketing and beauty. All those years I was doing project and team managing, 6 years I was working as event manager, 4 years in a marketing fields. Most of my experience was trained during being an event manager. That’s where I learnt that there is nothing impossible! I trained my verbal communication, to be a leader and to cooperate with others, to make decisions and to solve problems quickly and effectively.

As you can see in my resume, almost two last years I am working as self-employ. I am helping to small companies and startup companies to create marketing plans, also planning and organizing personal events – anniversaries, weddings. During this time I proved myself once again, that I am organized, self motivated, attentive and hardworking person. Besides that I am always smiley, optimistic and confident.

Today I am ready to join a new team with all my enthusiasm, energy and knowledge and I would appreciate any offers you have and you think I could be suitable.

Please find my resume in attachment, where I listed in detail my experience with the previous employers. I would be delighted to discuss any possible vacancy with you and introduce myself personally at your convenient time.
In case you do not have any offers at the moment, I would be grateful if you would keep my CV for any future possibilities.

Brigita Vaitasiute

Formations & Diplômes

2008 – 2010: Master’s degree: Culture Management and Culture Politics at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts,
UNESCO department.
2003 – 2007: Bachelor’s degree: Audio Visual Arts and Culture Management at Kaunas University of
Technology Faculty of Humanities.

Expériences professionnelles

Oct ’12 – till now: Freelancer;
Running different type of projects – organising private and promotion events, consulting on marketing strategies.
Nov’11–Oct’12: McCannErickson-AstosDizainas(advertisingcompany),ProjectManager;
Organising advertising campaigns, researching customer needs, rendering the team and ensuring smooth teamwork across all departments. Types of advertising I worked with: branding, press advertising, printed promotional tools, radio, TV, outdoors, CTA, AIDA, etc.
Jun ’09 – Nov ’11: Laimalux (wholesales), head of Marketing and education departments;
Responsible for effective wholesale of professional hair care “Goldwell” cosmetic in Lithuania. Identifying the needs of hair masters and salon’s business. Responsible for the fruitful cooperation between departments, marketing activities and budget plans, planning and implementing loyalty program B2B, dissemination of information (B2B, B2C), online marketing, CRM, CTA, direct marketing, stock analysis etc. As a head of education department I was creating and leading a team of professional stylists, preparing them for training our clients. Also developed new education program “successful business in a beauty salon”.
Jul ’07 – May ’09: Publicum Events, (events company), Project Manager;
Organizing business, public, entertainment, promotion events and conferences, keeping long term relationships with existing clients and looking for new ones, preparing contracts, budgets, creating and representing ideas for clients, managing negotiations. Responsible for overseeing all process between client, team and freelancers.
Aug ‘06 – Jun ’07: Vijolina, (events company), Project Manager;
Implementing public, business and entertainment events. Preparing presentations and selling ideas to the client. Coordinating all technical aspects like scriptwriting, logistic, audio-visual production, budgeting, etc.

Compétences & Savoir Faire

  • 8 years Project and Team management,
  • 6 years Event management,
  • 4 years Marketing

Compétences informatiques

    Microsoft Office, profil culturel

Centres d’intérêts

    cinéma), Events, Music, profil culturel


    profil culturel

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