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Contacter Trantor


I’m hard working, responsable, punctual, gentle, active and proactive person. I’ve been receptionist at a publicity agency and secretary at a lawyer’s firm, which I can tell you I know how to organize things, do my best in it, and know how to follow orders. My speciality is the social skills and communication abilities, specially with clients/costumers.
My name is Fernanda Alvarez, I’m 27 years old, and I currently live in Bilbao (Spain).
My wish is to move and re locate in Paris in the future time, and I’m looking for a job to try to achieve this.

Formations & Diplômes

Academic Studies

2003-2006 High School/College at Centro Universitario Anglo Mexicano graduated with title in the Arts & Humanities area (Cancun, Mexico)
2008-2011 Finished career as Film-Maker and TV director at Escuela Superior de Artes y Espectaculos TAI (Madrid)
2015 Masterclass on marketing and publicity given out by Deusto Buisiness School in Bilbao

Expériences professionnelles

2014 Third season web serie “The Becquer’s Guide”
Charge/post: First assistant director/Script/Staff
Director: Manu Franco

2014 “PozoAmargo” Film. Una comunidad Films
Charge/post: First assistant director (pre produccion)
Director: Enrique Rivero

2013 Teaser trailer for film project « Complot »
Charge/post: Script
Director: Rodrigo Sancho and Jose Diego Santiago

2012 « Loving Madrid » Film (In pre-produccion)
Charge/post: Co-Writer
Director: Borja Alvarez Ramirez

2012 Musical Video Clip « Concierto PARA enamorados »
Charge/post: First assistant director
Director: Ignacio Sepulveda

2012 « Los Mundos Sutiles » Documental Film. Amigo Producciones
Nominated to the Goya Award (2012) for Best Documental Film
Charge/post: Production Staff
Director: Eduardo Chapero-Jackson.

2011-2012 « Huidas y ausencias » Film. Alcazar Films
Charge/post: First assistant director
Director: Rafael Alcazar

2011 Tv Series « Rocio Durcal, volver a verte ». New Atlantis S.L. and Tele5
Charge/post: Staff
Director: Carles Vila.

2010 Bijou Siglo XXI Jewelry store
Charge/post: Photographer for publicity [email protected]

2008-2009 Interactive S.L. (TBWA). Publicity agency
Charge/post: Receptionist/Executive assistant

2007 Salans Fmc Snr Denton Europe Lawyers Firm, S.L.
Charge/post: Receptionist

2004 Senzo Café Restaurant
Charge/Post: Waitress/Server

Compétences & Savoir Faire

  • – Communication and social skills
  • – Organizing and directing the crew for films
  • – Developing and creating working schedules
  • – Negotiation
  • – Marketing ability

Compétences informatiques

    Celtx, etc. de Windows y MAC, etc.) programas audiovisuales y herramientas (Película Magia, Excel, Firefox, iMovie) Softwares: Safari, Internet Explorer, Libreta de direcciones, Office (Word, Outlook, powerpoint, Proyecto Final

Centres d’intérêts

    Arte, cine, danza, literatura, Marketing, musica, publicidad, teatro, Vidéo

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