HUMANHOOD Dance Company

Présentation de l’entreprise

Based in Birmingham and Barcelona, HUMANHOOD Dance Company merges modern physics and ancient mysticism to create visceral and immersive productions. Together, Co-Artistic Directors and Founders Julia Robert and Rudi Cole have developed a unique, symbiotic, fluid movement language that lies at the core of the work. They create intricate choreographic patterns that merge into different energetic shapes with flow and dynamism, creating extraordinary experiences that transform and connect us all.

With a commitment to self-growth and artistic expression, HUMANHOOD’s work combines Julia and Rudi’s choreographic style and exceptional physicality with scientific research into physics and astrophysics, alongside a focus on ancient mysticism, to explore how these seemingly different worlds can come together to shape our human experiences.

The company has a base in Birmingham, England, and one in Barcelona, Spain. All staff members work remotely but our Producer is based in Bordeaux, so we are looking for someone who is ideally based nearby.

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